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The 4th graders at MES worked hard on completing their science inquiry projects recently. With science inquiry, you ask a question that can be answered by doing an experiment. (Some examples from our 4th graders include, "Does a flower's stem length affect how long colored water takes to get to the petals?" "Do paper or plastic bags hold more weight? "How will time spent chewing bubble gum affect a bubbles maximum size?" "Can you turn water into a slushy?" "Which liquid do orbeez grow the biggest in?" "Which paper towel is the most absorbent?"). They made a hypothesis, wrote down their procedures, completed their experiments, collected their data and put it into a chart, and then they drew conclusions from their data. The students made posters to present their projects and findings, and then all three 4th grade classes set up their rooms with the posters so that students could go around to each classroom to see their classmates' work. Students were able to ask each other questions about their projects and discuss what they did. This setup gave everyone the chance to show their hard work, and gave us all the opportunity to learn several new and interesting things from each other!
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Eagle News, May 21

Youth Truth Survey

MES wants to hear from you! We’re partnering with YouthTruth to hear what families have to say about their school experience. Help our school understand how to improve!

Surveying runs from May 1st- May 26th and takes about 15 minutes.

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State Testing 3rd-8th and 11th Grade

Statewide assessments are scheduled to begin in January/February for high school students and early March for our 3rd - 8th grade students. State assessments give school districts valuable data on academic progress and help serve as indicators for areas in need of improvement.  Please read the attached information regarding state assessments. Information includes how a student can be opted out of testing if this option is needed. 

State Testing Annual Notice
State Testing Opt-Out Form

State Testing Annual Notice (Spanish)
State Testing Opt-Out Form (Spanish)